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We provide personal service, accountable directly to you. We do it all in-house, locally.
Every item is carefully processed and digitized by hand. Rest assured, your keepsakes will be safe throughout the journey.

How It Works


Prepare your

Transport it
to us.


your Files.


Order Preparation

Gather your media, box everything up and prepare for transport. Print and complete the order form, and include with your media.

For all media:
Rules for photos, slides, negatives and photo film:
  1. Remove any tape or anything sticky off both sides of the photos.
  2. Remove any duplicates; this will save you money since you are charged per scan. 
  3. It costs extra for us to remove photos from albums or frames, or have them scanned from the books (50¢ extra each). Save money and have them all loose and ready to be scanned.
  4. Titles, names, dates, etc. can be added for an additional 50¢ per file.


Select from the following:


After selecting your mailing service, we recommend you add insurance and trackable services.
NOTE: Mail in boxes! Package in Ziploc bags inside the box for added protection.

We will bill you for the return postage. Assume the return is the same cost as shipping it to us.


We handle the round-trip retrieval and return of your keepsakes. There is an $8 surcharge for deliveries in WNY, and a $25 surcharge for the Rochester Area. For those outside this range, please arrange a drop-off, or ship your orders to us.


There is no charge if you choose to drop-off and pick-up your media to our location in Lockport, NY. Your visits must be pre-arranged; email or call us to schedule your appointment.

On-Site Processing

In certain cases we can process media at your home or business. There is a surcharge of $8/ hour. Please contact us so we can discuss whether this option will work for you. Available in and around Western New York only.

Order Completion

We will work diligently to complete your order. Turnaround time varies, depending on the size of your project and how busy we are. We operate on a first come, first served basis. Generally it's a few days or a week for small orders, and a few weeks for bigger projects. Rush orders will be accommodated if possible. When we are done, we'll be in touch and send the final invoice.

Once paid in full, you’ll receive a single drive of all your files, along with the return of your keepsakes. Duplicate drives available upon request.

NOTE: For approved rush orders, both processing and optional fees are doubled; no discounts can be applied.

Protect your files

We recommend making duplicates of your digital files for added protection. To be extra cautious share copies with loved ones or make a few back-ups! This is an especially vital safety measure for those wishing to throw away the original media.