Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer my media to digital formats?

Most media and technology deteriorates over time. We can help by converting aging media formats to digital files, which helps make it easy to find and view your favorite moments.

Why should I choose Keepsake Road?

We understand the value of cherished media, and treat our customer’s items as if they are our own. All digital transfers are done carefully, by hand.

For those who live locally, your items stay local, and are safely cared for. This allows you to skip any risks involved with shipping, and gives you the chance to meet the person/s who will be handling your precious keepsakes.

What media can you transfer?
How do I send my keepsakes to you?

You can ship it, drop it off, or request round-trip pick-up service. Certain orders can be completed on-site at your home or business.

How long does the process take to complete?

Turnaround time varies, depending on the size of your project and how busy we are. We operate on a first come, first served basis. Generally it's a few days or a week for small orders, and a few weeks for bigger projects. Rush orders will be accommodated if possible.

What will the quality of the digital files be?

The digital files you will receive will reflect the quality of the media you supplied. We do not currently offer restoration services.

Is it safe and will you return my originals?

All original material is returned as received. We will never duplicate or share your property, and it will remain safely stored through processing.

Do you watch every recording?

Yes and no. We monitor all transfers to ensure quality and process the files. However as the files transfer in real time, they are not watched in full. Rest assured, your information and files remain private, will not be duplicated or used by our business or staff.

Will you restore, enhance, or improve my items in any way?

We always try to get the best quality conversion possible, however the quality ultimately depends on the original items. If there is an issue with the original, those issues will translate over to the digital copies. We do basic cleaning when possible, but do not offer any sort of restoration of your items.

We do hope to offer restoration services in the future.

How do I need to pack and organize my photos?

Please visit our Prepare Your Order page for instructions.

What if my media is blank, damaged, or cannot be converted?

It’s not uncommon for a tape to be blank, or for customers to send in items that we actually aren’t able to transfer due to copyright, damage and more. For non-transferable VHS, DVDs, records, cassettes and floppy disks, there is a $2 each for time used to review, instead of the full cost of a transfer. Photos, slides or negatives that cannot be transferred will be skipped, without a fee. Any media sent that we do not specialize in, will be returned without a fee (as we won’t be able to review it)

Do you transfer to DVD?

Sorry but DVD technology is outdated, and we don’t want to preserve your files on a soon-to-be obsolete media. Transferring to flash drives, external drives or cloud storage is also more cost effective, and very easy for you to duplicate.

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